Smoky Quartz

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Pre-packed in bags with 5 kilos
Available sizes: small, medium and large


In the past, natural river polished tumbled stones were found near river banks. Thousands of years in running water made them smooth and shiny. In modern times, a large amount of rough stones of the same kind are put into a huge barrel with special materials. The barrel, attached to a machine, turns around so that the stones actually smooth each other. The quality of the tumbling depends on the added materials and the time. The best results are when the machines work for about 6 weeks.


Chemical composition: SiO2
Color: Transparent White
Hardness: 7
Typical Structure: Trigonal. A long prism with 6 sides and 6 edges all meeting at a sharp point.
Also known as Rock Crystal
Although the Greeks called Quartz Krystallos, meaning "ice", the name may be germanic in origin. Containing every color, Clear Quartz works on multidimensional levels of being. Generating electromagnetism and dispelling static electricity, it is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier.
Absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating, a Quartz Crystal, when held, doubles your electromagnetic field.