Cacoxenite amethyst goethite Pendant - polished bar

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Hand selected polished bar shape, from rare cacoxenite stone
Set with sterling silver cap and hook

Compared to super seven


Chemical composition: Hydrated iron aluminum phosphate oxide hydroxide
Hardness: 3 - 4
Chakra: Third eye
The colours of the rutiles are usually gray, black, brown, and purple.
A stone of ascension, cacoxenite heightens spiritual awareness and assists in using planetary allignments to stimulate evolution of the earth, and takes you to core soul memories that assist your spiritual evolution. Accentuating the positive, Cacoxenite releases restrictions and inhibitions. If you have seemingly insurmountable problems, meditate with cacoxenite.
Included within Amethyst, cacoxenite opens the mind to receive new ideas, and harmonizes personal will with the higher self.