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Red Amethyst Clusters

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Pieces from 200 grams approx. to around 2kg per piece.

Mostly large pieces.


Chemical composition:SiO2 Silicon dioxide with iron
Color: Purple
Chakra: Third Eye, crown and higher crown
Origin: BRAZIL, South Africa, Madagascar, Uruguay, India
H: 7 - 7.5
Typical structure: (Trigonal) Hexagonal prisms. A base covered by sharp protuding 6 side ponts touching each other completely covering the base (Cluster).
Amethyst derives from the Greek for "to be intoxicated". The Greek myth tells about the god Baccus who was abandoned by the goddess Diana In his anger he decided to take his revenge on the first person he encountered. The first person he met was a beautiful girl named Amethyst. When she was attacked by vicious animals she called for Diana´s help who then turned her into stone. Baccus in response, poured wine over the petrified body which became purple.
There were many beliefs to do with the Amethyst, which was one of the first stones used by man. The Amethyst ws used to protect warriors and guarantee their conquest, to cure hunters, protect against diseases, control bad thoughts, strengthen intelligence and make its owner sharp in business.


Chemical composition: Fe2O3 Iron Oxide
Color: Grey. When polished seen as a shiny silver, with a strong reflection like a mirror.
Origin: BRAZIL
Hardness: 5.5 - 6.5
Typical Structure: Trigonal, flat slabs or rocklike.
Chakra: base
The origin of the name is Greek meaning blood stone. In the past it was used as a powerful cameo. Soldiers connected this stone to Mars - the god of war, and believed it protected them during times of war. Tribes in America used to grind the stone and use the powder as war color. Was also thought to bring success in court trials and claims.