General Questions

No. We sell wholesale only, which means we sell to businesses or people who have intention of reselling our products. All prices shown are net for resellers. When you register, please include your Tax Identification.

You can place your order online using the shopping cart. You can also contact us through the following options:

Email: sales@minec.com.br

Fax: + 55 21 2437 1021

Phone: + 55 21 2437 4273 , Canada and US customers call 1-520-879-4530

Skype: minecexpress

The minimum purchase is US$ 500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars) wholesale only. Your order receives our quick and prompt attention.
Absolutely. We keep your records safe and others don´t have access to any information from your account.
Yes. If you need a specific stone or product you don´t see online, you can send us an email at sales@minec.com.br and we will look into that for you.
Yes. We work with very skilled and talented people and can produce unique pieces.
Yes. By request, we can send samples of specific products, products and freight will be charged. To avoid expenses we prefer to send by email as many pictures and detailed information about the products as necessary.
Yes. You can pay by credit card (American Express, Mastercard or Visa), or bank wire tranfer.
We ship by express courier (UPS or Fedex – door-to-door), air freight (major airlines airport-to-airport) or ocean freight. It depends on the weight or volume ordered. We will always send you freight quotation and options first for your evaluation.
All our goods are exported free of taxes at this end. Please check local customs regulations or please feel free to ask us and we will send more details.
We take special care of packing to assure it will arrive safe at its final destination. Products are individually packed and shipped in steel drums, wood crates or cardboard boxes, depending on volume and weight.
If we have the products in stock, we will have it processed and ready for shipping within 1-3 days. If it´s a customized item or if we don´t have it in stock, then we usually need 3 weeks to produce.
It depends on freight chosen and its final destination. Here is an idea of some transit time: Express Courier door to door (UPS or FEDEX) delivers in the US and Europe in about 3-5 days, in other locations it takes about 10 days. Air Freight (to nearest international airport in your area) transit time also 3-5 days. Sea freight usually from 30-40 days, depending on final port.
- Since we sell wholesale only and we are located overseas, all sales are definitive and we cannot accept returns.
- You can always request pictures of the items selected for you, for your aprooval prior to shipping. This will help you to feel sure about your order.

- If you have received an item that was damaged upon arrival, please send us a picture as soon as you receive it to let us know.

Thank you for your understanding.